Wednesday, December 2

ACT Testing Initiative

Supported by the Greater Clark Educational Foundation, Greater Clark County Schools has administered the ACT test to all juniors since 2010. By providing the ACT, we are encouraging access to college so that Greater Clark students have a head start in life after high school. Furthermore, a high score helps ensure our students admission to the college of their choice and competitiveness for scholarships.

There are several benefits to testing in schools, such as students feeling less stress testing in a familiar environment on a regular school day. Our students also do not have to find transportation to a testing site, removing another obstacle. Students are tested on the knowledge they have gained in high school courses and the ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Administering the test in schools ensures that we are able to provide a familiar environment to students taking the test at no cost to them!

Participation in ACT testing by all 750 juniors guarantees all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to this critical college entrance examination. In 2018, 674 Greater Clark County Schools students were able to take the ACT. In comparison, only 105 students took it back in 2009. That is a 642% increase! As you can see, by ongoing support of this program, more students have the opportunity to continue their education after high school. This would not be possible without the generosity of people like you.



The Foundation also provides support for invaluable ACT WorkKeys and KeyTrain testing programs! This curriculum helps students in Greater Clark County Schools learn and demonstrate they have the skills to succeed in a 21st century workforce. Students are able to earn a National Career Ready Certificate of academic skills that complements our Ford NGL efforts. These efforts have allowed 89.0% of all seniors who took the WorkKeys assessment to earn a National Career Ready Certificate (NCRC) in the 2017-2018 school year!


For more information, please visit the ACT website.

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