Tuesday, May 22
  • Champions for Children 2018

    Champions for Children 2018

    Save the date! Champions for Children 2018 will take place on April 23rd, 2018 at Huber's Plantation Hall in Starlight, IN! Click on this image to visit our Event page for more information.

  • How Your Donations Help!

    How Your Donations Help!

    Thanks to your generosity, Northaven Elementary Students have been able to purchase robotics kits to increase their STEM learning as well as be able to compete with other schools from across the state! Click on the image to visit our Creative Classroom Grants page to see how your donations have helped GCCS students and educators.

  • Educators Inquire Within!

    Educators Inquire Within!

    Your kindness also helped the “ChromeNinjas” at Jonathan Jennings Elementary School – named for their expertise with technology, particularly the ChromeBook – expand their operations! They were awarded a grant for two iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB devices to create educational videos, newscasts, and much more! Click on the image to visit our Creative Classroom Grants page for details and applications!

  • Student Scholarships

    Student Scholarships

    Olivia Paul sends her thanks to us and to the Pulliam Family for receiving the Dr. David M. Pulliam Superintendent’s Scholarship – a $5,000 cash award that goes annually to an outstanding graduate from the district interested in pursuing an education major! Click on the image to visit out Scholarships page for more information.

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